3.60 GHz Pentium 4, Intel compilers, EM64T mode

3.60 GHz Intel Xeon Pentium 4 (Prescott), unknown L2 size, 64 bit mode. Linux 2.4.21, Intel C/C++ Compiler 9.0, Intel Fortran Compiler 9.0, Intel Math Kernel Library Version 8.0.1, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives v5.0. Has SSE (4-way single precision SIMD), SSE2 (2-way double precision SIMD), SSE3.

We thank the Intel corporation for making the machine available through the testdrive program.

NOTE: We benchmarked a version of fftw-3.1 modified to recognize the x86-64 cycle counter when using the Intel C compiler, which the standard fftw-3.1 fails to detect. (Sorry about that.) You can obtain the updated cycle counter code from the fftw download page.

Compilers and flags (unless overridden):

Raw data files: RADPSDV683-icc.tar.gz