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FFT Benchmark Results

See our benchmark methodology page for a description of the benchmarking methodology, as well as an explanation of what is plotted in the graphs below.

In the pages below, we plot the "mflops" of each FFT, which is a scaled version of the speed, defined by:

mflops = 5 N log2(N) / (time for one FFT in microseconds)
/ 2 for real-data FFTs
where N is number of data points (the product of the FFT dimensions). See the methodology page for more detail.

Our list of FFTs in the benchmark describes the full name and source corresponding to the abbreviated FFT labels in the plot legends.

If you have a CPU type not represented here and can let us benchmark it over a weekend, please let us know. An UltraSPARC IV, Sparc64 V, Alpha EV7, PA-RISC 8700+, or Itanium 2 system would be especially welcome.

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