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There are many other places that you can go on the Web to learn more about Fourier Transforms in general and FFTs in particular. Since searching for "FFT" on Alta Vista will yield far too many links, most of them useless (although Google has improved matters somewhat), we decided to list a few of the better ones here.

Another good place to go when you have signal-processing and/or FFT-related questions is Usenet, and in particular the comp.dsp (digital signal processing), sci.math.num-analysis (numerical analysis and scientific computation), or sci.image.processing (image processing) groups.

Let us know if you think there are other links that we should include. Last updated: 23 April 2007.

FFT Source Code

The following are places where you can download source code for FFTs. (There are so many FFT implementations available that we mostly link to sites that are themselves collections of code or links.)


Sites to help you decide which FFT implementation to use.

Explanatory Material

Tutorials and introductions to Fourier transforms and FFTs, in no particular order.

Miscellaneous FFT-related Links

Other Sites of Interest

Translations of this page

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