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c_associated: Wisdom String Export/Import from Fortran
C_DOUBLE: Overview of Fortran interface
C_DOUBLE: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_DOUBLE_COMPLEX: Overview of Fortran interface
C_DOUBLE_COMPLEX: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_FFTW_R2R_KIND: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_FLOAT: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_FLOAT_COMPLEX: FFTW Fortran type reference
c_funloc: Wisdom Generic Export/Import from Fortran
C_FUNPTR: FFTW Fortran type reference
c_f_pointer: Reversing array dimensions
c_f_pointer: FFTW Fortran type reference
c_f_pointer: Allocating aligned memory in Fortran
c_f_pointer: Wisdom String Export/Import from Fortran
c_f_pointer: Wisdom Generic Export/Import from Fortran
C_INT: Overview of Fortran interface
C_INT: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_INTPTR_T: FFTW Fortran type reference
c_loc: Wisdom Generic Export/Import from Fortran
C_LONG_DOUBLE: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_LONG_DOUBLE_COMPLEX: FFTW Fortran type reference
C_PTR: Overview of Fortran interface
C_SIZE_T: FFTW Fortran type reference

dfftw_destroy_plan: Fortran Examples
dfftw_execute: FFTW Execution in Fortran
dfftw_execute_dft: FFTW Execution in Fortran
dfftw_execute_dft: Fortran Examples
dfftw_execute_dft_r2c: Fortran Examples
dfftw_export_wisdom: Wisdom of Fortran?
dfftw_forget_wisdom: Wisdom of Fortran?
dfftw_import_system_wisdom: Wisdom of Fortran?
dfftw_import_wisdom: Wisdom of Fortran?
dfftw_init_threads: Fortran Examples
dfftw_planner_nthreads: Fortran Examples
dfftw_plan_dft_1d: Fortran Examples
dfftw_plan_dft_3d: Fortran Examples
dfftw_plan_dft_r2c_1d: Fortran Examples
dfftw_plan_dft_r2c_2d: Fortran Examples
dfftw_plan_with_nthreads: Fortran Examples

fftw_alignment_of: Planner Flags
fftw_alignment_of: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_alloc_complex: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_alloc_complex: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
fftw_alloc_complex: Memory Allocation
fftw_alloc_complex: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
fftw_alloc_complex: Reversing array dimensions
fftw_alloc_complex: Allocating aligned memory in Fortran
fftw_alloc_real: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
fftw_alloc_real: Memory Allocation
fftw_alloc_real: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
fftw_alloc_real: Other Multi-dimensional Real-data MPI Transforms
fftw_alloc_real: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_alloc_real: Allocating aligned memory in Fortran
FFTW_BACKWARD: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
FFTW_BACKWARD: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_cleanup: Using Plans
fftw_cleanup: MPI Initialization
fftw_cleanup_threads: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
fftw_complex: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_complex: Complex numbers
fftw_complex: Overview of Fortran interface
fftw_complex: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_cost: Using Plans
FFTW_DESTROY_INPUT: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_destroy_plan: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_destroy_plan: Using Plans
fftw_destroy_plan: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
fftw_destroy_plan: Overview of Fortran interface
FFTW_DHT: The Discrete Hartley Transform
FFTW_DHT: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_ESTIMATE: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
FFTW_ESTIMATE: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
FFTW_ESTIMATE: Planner Flags
FFTW_ESTIMATE: Cycle Counters
fftw_execute: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_execute: Using Plans
fftw_execute: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute: Basic distributed-transpose interface
fftw_execute: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
fftw_execute: Overview of Fortran interface
fftw_execute: Plan execution in Fortran
fftw_execute_dft: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_dft: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
fftw_execute_dft: Overview of Fortran interface
fftw_execute_dft: Plan execution in Fortran
fftw_execute_dft_c2r: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_dft_c2r: Plan execution in Fortran
fftw_execute_dft_r2c: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_dft_r2c: Reversing array dimensions
fftw_execute_dft_r2c: Plan execution in Fortran
fftw_execute_r2r: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_r2r: Plan execution in Fortran
fftw_execute_split_dft: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_split_dft_c2r: New-array Execute Functions
fftw_execute_split_dft_r2c: New-array Execute Functions
FFTW_EXHAUSTIVE: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
fftw_export_wisdom: Wisdom Export
fftw_export_wisdom: Wisdom Generic Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_export_wisdom_to_file: Wisdom Export
fftw_export_wisdom_to_filename: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
fftw_export_wisdom_to_filename: Wisdom Export
fftw_export_wisdom_to_filename: Wisdom File Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_export_wisdom_to_string: Wisdom Export
fftw_export_wisdom_to_string: Wisdom String Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_flops: Using Plans
fftw_flops: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
fftw_flops: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_forget_wisdom: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
fftw_forget_wisdom: Forgetting Wisdom
FFTW_FORWARD: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
FFTW_FORWARD: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_fprint_plan: Using Plans
fftw_free: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_free: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
fftw_free: Memory Allocation
FFTW_HC2R: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
FFTW_HC2R: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
fftw_import wisdom_from_filename: Wisdom File Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_import_system_wisdom: Caveats in Using Wisdom
fftw_import_system_wisdom: Wisdom Import
fftw_import_wisdom: Wisdom Import
fftw_import_wisdom: Wisdom Generic Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_import_wisdom_from_file: Wisdom Import
fftw_import_wisdom_from_filename: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
fftw_import_wisdom_from_filename: Wisdom Import
fftw_import_wisdom_from_string: Wisdom Import
fftw_import_wisdom_from_string: Wisdom String Export/Import from Fortran
fftw_init_threads: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
fftw_init_threads: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW
fftw_init_threads: Combining MPI and Threads
fftw_init_threads: MPI Initialization
fftw_iodim: Guru vector and transform sizes
fftw_iodim: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_iodim: Fortran-interface routines
fftw_iodim64: 64-bit Guru Interface
fftw_iodim64: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_make_planner_thread_safe: Thread safety
fftw_malloc: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_malloc: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
fftw_malloc: Dynamic Arrays in C
fftw_malloc: Memory Allocation
fftw_malloc: Planner Flags
fftw_malloc: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
fftw_malloc: Using MPI Plans
fftw_malloc: FFTW Fortran type reference
FFTW_MEASURE: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
FFTW_MEASURE: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
FFTW_MEASURE: Planner Flags
FFTW_MEASURE: An improved replacement for MPI_Alltoall
fftw_mpi_broadcast_wisdom: FFTW MPI Wisdom
fftw_mpi_broadcast_wisdom: MPI Wisdom Communication
fftw_mpi_cleanup: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW
fftw_mpi_cleanup: MPI Initialization
FFTW_MPI_DEFAULT_BLOCK: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
FFTW_MPI_DEFAULT_BLOCK: Advanced distributed-transpose interface
fftw_mpi_execute_dft: Using MPI Plans
fftw_mpi_execute_dft: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
fftw_mpi_execute_dft_c2r: Using MPI Plans
fftw_mpi_execute_dft_r2c: Using MPI Plans
fftw_mpi_execute_r2r: Using MPI Plans
fftw_mpi_execute_r2r: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_gather_wisdom: FFTW MPI Wisdom
fftw_mpi_gather_wisdom: MPI Wisdom Communication
fftw_mpi_init: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW
fftw_mpi_init: 2d MPI example
fftw_mpi_init: FFTW MPI Wisdom
fftw_mpi_init: Combining MPI and Threads
fftw_mpi_init: MPI Initialization
fftw_mpi_local_size: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_1d: One-dimensional distributions
fftw_mpi_local_size_1d: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_2d: 2d MPI example
fftw_mpi_local_size_2d: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
fftw_mpi_local_size_2d: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_2d_transposed: Basic distributed-transpose interface
fftw_mpi_local_size_2d_transposed: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_3d: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_3d_transposed: Transposed distributions
fftw_mpi_local_size_3d_transposed: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_many: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
fftw_mpi_local_size_many: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_many_1d: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_many_transposed: Advanced distributed-transpose interface
fftw_mpi_local_size_many_transposed: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_local_size_transposed: MPI Data Distribution Functions
fftw_mpi_plan_dft: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_1d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_2d: 2d MPI example
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_2d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_3d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_c2r: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_c2r_2d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_c2r_2d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_c2r_3d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_r2c: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_r2c_2d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_r2c_2d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_dft_r2c_3d: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_many_dft: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_many_dft_c2r: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_many_dft_r2c: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_many_transpose: Advanced distributed-transpose interface
fftw_mpi_plan_many_transpose: MPI Plan Creation
fftw_mpi_plan_transpose: Basic distributed-transpose interface
fftw_mpi_plan_transpose: MPI Plan Creation
FFTW_MPI_SCRAMBLED_IN: One-dimensional distributions
FFTW_MPI_SCRAMBLED_IN: MPI Data Distribution Functions
FFTW_MPI_SCRAMBLED_OUT: One-dimensional distributions
FFTW_MPI_SCRAMBLED_OUT: MPI Data Distribution Functions
FFTW_MPI_TRANSPOSED_IN: Transposed distributions
FFTW_MPI_TRANSPOSED_IN: Basic distributed-transpose interface
FFTW_MPI_TRANSPOSED_OUT: Transposed distributions
FFTW_MPI_TRANSPOSED_OUT: Basic distributed-transpose interface
FFTW_PATIENT: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
FFTW_PATIENT: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
FFTW_PATIENT: Planner Flags
FFTW_PATIENT: How Many Threads to Use?
FFTW_PATIENT: An improved replacement for MPI_Alltoall
fftw_plan: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_plan: Using Plans
fftw_plan: FFTW Fortran type reference
fftw_planner_nthreads: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
fftw_plan_dft: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_plan_dft: Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_1d: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_1d: Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_2d: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_2d: Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_2d: Overview of Fortran interface
fftw_plan_dft_3d: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_3d: Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_3d: Reversing array dimensions
fftw_plan_dft_c2r: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_c2r_1d: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_dft_c2r_1d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_c2r_2d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_c2r_3d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_r2c: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_dft_r2c: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_1d: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_1d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_2d: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_2d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_3d: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_3d: Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_dft_r2c_3d: Reversing array dimensions
fftw_plan_guru64_dft: 64-bit Guru Interface
fftw_plan_guru_dft: Guru Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_guru_dft_c2r: Guru Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_guru_dft_r2c: Guru Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_guru_r2r: Guru Real-to-real Transforms
fftw_plan_guru_split_dft: Guru Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_guru_split_dft_c2r: Guru Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_guru_split_dft_r2c: Guru Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_many_dft: Advanced Complex DFTs
fftw_plan_many_dft_c2r: Advanced Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_many_dft_r2c: Advanced Real-data DFTs
fftw_plan_many_r2r: Advanced Real-to-real Transforms
fftw_plan_r2r: More DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_r2r: Real-to-Real Transforms
fftw_plan_r2r_1d: More DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_r2r_1d: Real-to-Real Transforms
fftw_plan_r2r_2d: More DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_r2r_2d: Real-to-Real Transforms
fftw_plan_r2r_3d: More DFTs of Real Data
fftw_plan_r2r_3d: Real-to-Real Transforms
fftw_plan_with_nthreads: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
fftw_plan_with_nthreads: Combining MPI and Threads
FFTW_PRESERVE_INPUT: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
fftw_print_plan: Using Plans
FFTW_R2HC: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
FFTW_R2HC: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
fftw_r2r_kind: More DFTs of Real Data
fftw_r2r_kind: Other Multi-dimensional Real-data MPI Transforms
fftw_r2r_kind: FFTW Fortran type reference
FFTW_REDFT00: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_REDFT00: Real-to-Real Transforms
FFTW_REDFT00: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_REDFT01: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_REDFT01: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_REDFT10: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_REDFT10: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_REDFT11: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_REDFT11: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_RODFT00: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_RODFT00: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_RODFT01: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_RODFT01: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_RODFT10: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_RODFT10: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
FFTW_RODFT11: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
FFTW_RODFT11: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
fftw_set_timelimit: Planner Flags
fftw_threads_set_callback: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
FFTW_TRANSPOSED_IN: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
FFTW_TRANSPOSED_OUT: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
FFTW_UNALIGNED: New-array Execute Functions
FFTW_UNALIGNED: Plan execution in Fortran
FFTW_UNALIGNED: FFTW Execution in Fortran

MPI_Alltoall: An improved replacement for MPI_Alltoall
MPI_Barrier: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
MPI_COMM_WORLD: Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
MPI_COMM_WORLD: 2d MPI example
MPI_Init: 2d MPI example

ptrdiff_t: 64-bit Guru Interface
ptrdiff_t: 2d MPI example
ptrdiff_t: FFTW Fortran type reference

R2HC: The 1d Real-data DFT
REDFT00: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
REDFT00: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
REDFT01: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
REDFT10: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
REDFT11: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
RODFT00: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
RODFT00: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
RODFT01: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
RODFT10: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
RODFT11: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)

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