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13 Concept Index

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64-bit architecture: 64-bit Guru Interface
64-bit architecture: 2d MPI example
64-bit architecture: FFTW Fortran type reference

advanced interface: Introduction
advanced interface: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
advanced interface: Row-major Format
advanced interface: Advanced Interface
advanced interface: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
advanced interface: MPI Data Distribution Functions
advanced interface: MPI Plan Creation
algorithm: Introduction
alignment: Memory Allocation
alignment: Planner Flags
alignment: New-array Execute Functions
alignment: Using MPI Plans
alignment: Overview of Fortran interface
alignment: Allocating aligned memory in Fortran
AltiVec: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
AVX: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
AVX2: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
AVX512: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc

basic interface: Introduction
basic interface: Tutorial
basic interface: Basic Interface
block distribution: MPI Data Distribution
block distribution: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
block distribution: FFTW MPI Performance Tips

C multi-dimensional arrays: Fixed-size Arrays in C
C++: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
C++: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
C++: Dynamic Arrays in C
C++: Complex numbers
C++: Memory Allocation
c2r: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
c2r: Planner Flags
c2r: Real-data DFTs
C99: Dynamic Arrays in C
C99: Complex numbers
C99: Precision
Caml: Generating your own code
Caml: Acknowledgments
code generator: Introduction
code generator: Generating your own code
codelet: Introduction
codelet: Installation and Customization
codelet: Generating your own code
codelet: Acknowledgments
collective function: 2d MPI example
collective function: FFTW MPI Wisdom
collective function: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
collective function: Using MPI Plans
collective function: MPI Plan Creation
column-major: Column-major Format
column-major: Reversing array dimensions
column-major: Fortran-interface routines
column-major: Fortran Examples
compiler: Introduction
compiler: Installation and Customization
compiler: Installation on Unix
compiler: Cycle Counters
compiler flags: Installation on Unix
compiler flags: Installation on Unix
configuration routines: Wisdom Utilities
configure: Installation and Supported Hardware/Software
configure: FFTW MPI Installation
configure: Installation on Unix
cycle counter: Installation and Customization
cycle counter: Cycle Counters

data distribution: Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
data distribution: 2d MPI example
data distribution: MPI Data Distribution
data distribution: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
data distribution: Basic distributed-transpose interface
data distribution: MPI Data Distribution Functions
DCT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
DCT: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
DCT: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
deadlock: Avoiding MPI Deadlocks
Devil: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
DFT: Introduction
DFT: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
DFT: The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
DHT: The Discrete Hartley Transform
DHT: 1d Discrete Hartley Transforms (DHTs)
discrete cosine transform: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
discrete cosine transform: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete cosine transform: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
discrete Fourier transform: Introduction
discrete Fourier transform: The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
discrete Hartley transform: The Discrete Hartley Transform
discrete Hartley transform: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete Hartley transform: 1d Discrete Hartley Transforms (DHTs)
discrete sine transform: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
discrete sine transform: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
discrete sine transform: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
dist: Advanced Complex DFTs
dist: Guru vector and transform sizes
DST: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
DST: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
DST: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)

Ecclesiastes: Caveats in Using Wisdom
execute: Introduction
execute: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
execute: New-array Execute Functions

FFTW: Introduction
fftw-wisdom utility: Caveats in Using Wisdom
fftw-wisdom utility: Wisdom Utilities
fftw-wisdom-to-conf utility: Wisdom Utilities
flags: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
flags: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
flags: Complex DFTs
flags: Real-data DFTs
flags: Real-to-Real Transforms
flags: Guru Complex DFTs
flags: Guru Real-data DFTs
flags: Guru Real-to-real Transforms
flags: Overview of Fortran interface
flags: FFTW Constants in Fortran
Fortran interface: Column-major Format
Fortran interface: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
Fortran interface: Calling FFTW from Modern Fortran
Fortran interface: Calling FFTW from Legacy Fortran
Fortran-callable wrappers: Installation on Unix
frequency: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
frequency: The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)

g77: Installation on Unix
guru interface: Introduction
guru interface: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
guru interface: Guru Interface
guru interface: FFTW Fortran type reference
guru interface: Fortran-interface routines

halfcomplex format: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
halfcomplex format: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
halfcomplex format: The 1d Real-data DFT
hc2r: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
hc2r: Planner Flags
HDF5: 2d MPI example
Hermitian: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
Hermitian: The 1d Real-data DFT
howmany loop: Guru vector and transform sizes
howmany parameter: Advanced Complex DFTs

IDCT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
IDCT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
IDCT: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
IDCT: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
in-place: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
in-place: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
in-place: Complex DFTs
in-place: Real-data DFTs
in-place: Real-data DFT Array Format
in-place: Real-to-Real Transforms
in-place: Guru Real-data DFTs
in-place: Guru Real-data DFTs
in-place: An improved replacement for MPI_Alltoall
in-place: Reversing array dimensions
in-place: FFTW Fortran type reference
installation: Installation and Customization
interleaved format: Interleaved and split arrays
iso_c_binding: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
iso_c_binding: Overview of Fortran interface
iso_c_binding: Extended and quadruple precision in Fortran

kind (r2r): More DFTs of Real Data
kind (r2r): Real-to-Real Transform Kinds

linking on Unix: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
linking on Unix: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW
LISP: Acknowledgments
load balancing: Load balancing
load balancing: FFTW MPI Performance Tips

monadic programming: Generating your own code
MPI: Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
MPI: Installation on Unix
MPI communicator: Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
MPI communicator: Using MPI Plans
MPI communicator: MPI Plan Creation
MPI communicator: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
MPI I/O: 2d MPI example
mpicc: FFTW MPI Installation
mpicc: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW

new-array execution: New-array Execute Functions
new-array execution: Using MPI Plans
new-array execution: MPI Plan Creation
new-array execution: FFTW MPI Fortran Interface
normalization: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
normalization: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
normalization: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
normalization: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
normalization: The Discrete Hartley Transform
normalization: Complex DFTs
normalization: Real-data DFTs
normalization: Real-to-Real Transform Kinds
normalization: The 1d Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
normalization: The 1d Real-data DFT
normalization: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
normalization: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
normalization: 1d Discrete Hartley Transforms (DHTs)
number of threads: How Many Threads to Use?

OpenMP: Installation and Supported Hardware/Software
OpenMP: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
OpenMP: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
OpenMP: Thread safety
out-of-place: Planner Flags
out-of-place: Real-data DFT Array Format

padding: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
padding: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
padding: Real-data DFTs
padding: Real-data DFT Array Format
padding: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
padding: Reversing array dimensions
parallel transform: Multi-threaded FFTW
parallel transform: Distributed-memory FFTW with MPI
partial order: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
plan: Introduction
plan: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
planner: Introduction
portability: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
portability: Caveats in Using Wisdom
portability: Complex numbers
portability: Installation and Supported Hardware/Software
portability: Calling FFTW from Modern Fortran
portability: FFTW Fortran type reference
portability: Fortran-interface routines
portability: Fortran-interface routines
portability: Wisdom of Fortran?
portability: Installation and Customization
precision: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
precision: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
precision: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
precision: Precision
precision: Memory Allocation
precision: Linking and Initializing MPI FFTW
precision: MPI Files and Data Types
precision: Extended and quadruple precision in Fortran
precision: FFTW Fortran type reference
precision: Installation on Unix
precision: Installation on Unix
precision: Installation on Unix

r2c: One-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
r2c: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
r2c: Real-data DFTs
r2c: Multi-dimensional Transforms
r2c: MPI Plan Creation
r2c/c2r multi-dimensional array format: Multi-Dimensional DFTs of Real Data
r2c/c2r multi-dimensional array format: Real-data DFT Array Format
r2c/c2r multi-dimensional array format: Reversing array dimensions
r2c/c2r multi-dimensional array format: Fortran Examples
r2hc: The Halfcomplex-format DFT
r2r: More DFTs of Real Data
r2r: Real-to-Real Transforms
r2r: The 1d Real-data DFT
r2r: Other Multi-dimensional Real-data MPI Transforms
r2r: MPI Plan Creation
rank: Complex Multi-Dimensional DFTs
real-even DFT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
real-even DFT: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
real-odd DFT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
real-odd DFT: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
REDFT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
REDFT: 1d Real-even DFTs (DCTs)
REDFT: Generating your own code
RODFT: Real even/odd DFTs (cosine/sine transforms)
RODFT: 1d Real-odd DFTs (DSTs)
row-major: Row-major Format
row-major: Complex DFTs
row-major: Real-to-Real Transforms
row-major: Guru vector and transform sizes
row-major: Basic and advanced distribution interfaces
row-major: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
row-major: Reversing array dimensions

saving plans to disk: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
saving plans to disk: Wisdom
saving plans to disk: FFTW MPI Wisdom
saving plans to disk: Accessing the wisdom API from Fortran
shared-memory: Multi-threaded FFTW
SIMD: Complex One-Dimensional DFTs
SIMD: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
SIMD: Overview of Fortran interface
split format: Interleaved and split arrays
SSE: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
SSE2: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc
stride: Row-major Format
stride: Advanced Complex DFTs
stride: Guru vector and transform sizes
stride: MPI Plan Creation

thread safety: Usage of Multi-threaded FFTW
thread safety: Thread safety
thread safety: Combining MPI and Threads
threads: Multi-threaded FFTW
threads: Thread safety
threads: Combining MPI and Threads
threads: Installation on Unix
transpose: Transposed distributions
transpose: Multi-dimensional MPI DFTs of Real Data
transpose: FFTW MPI Transposes
transpose: FFTW MPI Performance Tips
transpose: Combining MPI and Threads
transpose: MPI Plan Creation

vector: Guru Interface
VSX: SIMD alignment and fftw_malloc

wisdom: Words of Wisdom-Saving Plans
wisdom: Wisdom
wisdom: FFTW MPI Wisdom
wisdom: Accessing the wisdom API from Fortran
wisdom, problems with: Caveats in Using Wisdom
wisdom, system-wide: Caveats in Using Wisdom
wisdom, system-wide: Wisdom Import

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